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EXHIBITION, Scotch law. An action for compelling the production of writings. In Pennsylvania, a party possessing writings is compelled, to produce them on proper notice being given, in default of which judgment is rendered against him.

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Quiz nights, darts, dominoes, and customers making an exhibition of themselves holding a microphone have done nothing to help the plight of failing pubs.
An injury which could lead to the FA paying a compensation bill even bigger than the fee they earn for making an exhibition of themselves in Qatar.
Making an Exhibition of Yourself, a pre-event workshop in Machynlleth tomorrow, will give exhibitors an insight into the most effective ways of marketing themselves,and how to network.
I know I'm making an exhibition of myself, but it winds me up even more.
But I don't think the problem of regionalism precludes the possibility of making an exhibition of works by Flemish artists.

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