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We are aware of people making bows and the money not going to the campaign - we are not sure who they are," he said.
Elite Archery has been making bows nearly 10 years now.
Alistair's expertise in archery - particularly flight shooting - began after he started making bows in his early 30s before going on to compete in national longbow tournaments for many years, once holding the world record in 2007.
I've tried to engage my children and their friends in creative things to do like making bows and badges.
Other primates such as chimps are able to use tools, but complex processes such as making bows are beyond them.
Several manufacturers have started making bows designed specifically for women, Reese said, and she often recommends those because the poundage is lighter and draw length is shorter.
Events include woodturning, making bows and fletching arrows, falconry, Edwardian games and a scarecrow competition.
Born in London, James worked for his father until 1860, but first started making bows for William Ebsworth Hill around 1860 and continued until 1870.