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An expert I heard on the radio says that the key to making conversation with small children is to prepare yourself with a question that's relevant to their interests.
One of the men started making conversation with the member of staff," she said.
was merely making conversation with the men, and did not disclose any information that can harm the state or any employee in the entity where he worked.
She keeps talking about all the things she has seen in the shops when she has been Christmas shopping, but I've no idea if she is just making conversation or dropping hints.
Delivered in Mandarin, hospitality workers will learn about the value and pricing of whisky, how to spot a fake bottle and receive tips on making conversation about whisky with customers.
My wife tells me I watch too much sport and don't spend enough time making conversation with her.
McIlhone began by making conversation with him, then asked him if he had got something for him.
Plenty of people close to me didn't overly rock my boat on day one, and my best friend of today had initially moaned to the person who introduced us that she couldn't be bothered making conversation with me because she had "enough friends".
He was good at making conversation with everyone and said we were quite a civilised group because some of his hen dos can be quite raucous
The chicken was simmering, the beans were ready to steam, the roasties were smelling delicious, Paul was in the living room making conversation and I even did a smug little jig at how well it was all going.