making distinct

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Moreover, the possibility of making distinct races by crossing has been greatly exaggerated.
He said the lush green valley was surrounded mountains with a river flowing through the fields, making distinct from the other tourist attractions in the country.
"That first decade of self-governance, and making distinct choices for Wales will forever be associated with his leadership.
As the nation marked the 46th National Day commemorating the glorious achievements of Oman under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the bank launched Imprints, a first-of-its-kind social responsibility initiative aimed at making distinct imprints for the nation.
By March, you will be making distinct progress in your aims.
Further analysis of the bacterial DNA revealed that the microbes in the secretion are involved in fermentation, and closely related to other bacteria well-known for making distinct odors.
Scholars of the period will have frequent reason to consult and search through this work, filled as it is with a tantalizing assortment of thinkers making distinct uses of the classics and instances in which the classics seemed almost to have an independent life of their own in the shaping of American identity.
Previous European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) task forces have issued guidelines on the management of knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA), but many of the clinical consequences of small-joint OA, such as interference with grip and fine precision pinch, differ from those associated with large-joint OA, making distinct recommendations necessary.
"Okay, maybe the Scottish league is not as strong as the Italian championship - but it is making distinct progress.
"It clearly shows kinesin making distinct steps, something people in the field have tried to see for a long time?'