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There are 100,000gns horses making 200,000gns and the well-bred fillies are making fortunes.
Moreover, middlemen and black market dealers have found ways of making fortunes out of a well-intentioned but misguided system.
Strong academies will survive but those that cannot maintain competent governing bodies or cope with the inevitable future cuts in funding will be taken over by wealthy companies which are already making fortunes in some places.
Magdalene Laundry survivor Maureen Taylor said that the institutions were making fortunes.
He might have made his fortune there, too, had he been a bit more worldly, but he must settle for making fortunes for others, people such as Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, and John Pierpont Morgan.
He knows how to handle them and all these players that are making fortunes, as footballers need to be controlled by one man, by a boss," Sir Bobby said.
Meanwhile FINRA executives use court-granted immunity and a lack of oversight to enrich themselves, making fortunes as what can only be described as "rogue cops.
The National Pensioners Federation accused firms of making fortunes out of "very vulnerable" people.
Now some banks have returned to making fortunes, Barclays and HSBC turning in pounds 3bn each for just the first six months of the year.
Many soldier on because they love the sport not because they harbour thoughts of making fortunes from the game.
Both Ford and Renault, together with several other mainstream contenders, are keen to lure buyers away from the premium German brands that are making fortunes out of the appeal of their designer badges.
Many companies are making fortunes by sending recyclable goods to China or, alternatively, burning it as fuel in biomass electricity generation, whereas our local politicians and bureaucrats are talking about landing the people of Merseyside with a pounds 400m bill - it's criminal incompetence.