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Both Ford and Renault, together with several other mainstream contenders, are keen to lure buyers away from the premium German brands that are making fortunes out of the appeal of their designer badges.
Many companies are making fortunes by sending recyclable goods to China or, alternatively, burning it as fuel in biomass electricity generation, whereas our local politicians and bureaucrats are talking about landing the people of Merseyside with a pounds 400m bill - it's criminal incompetence.
Advances in technology had opened deep fishing grounds for the prized delicacy in the Tasman Sea, and fleets were making fortunes by dragging big, elongated trawls over the crags of extinct volcanoes, or seamounts, more than 600 meters below the surface.
Generations of the Mercer family are seen at 100-year intervals, making fortunes in slave and armaments trading around 1799, shifting to gemstones by 1899.
Television was filled with commercials about goofball slackers making fortunes via electronic trading.
4, Cancel the registration of aging and mediocre foreign players making fortunes from the WRU and Premier clubs.
Since then, the twice-divorced, 28-year-old Scots exile has kept on making fortunes.
No doubt they will now invest their newfound extra wealth in the private health care companies that will soon be making fortunes out of the taxes that the rest of us pay, in full.
Laundry survivor Maureen Taylor said that the institutions, highlighted in the harrowing 2002 film The Magdalene Sisters, were making fortunes.
But they are making fortunes at our expense - especially the most vulnerable in society, who are confronted with greater levels of cold, damp or hunger.
Alex, Whitton A selfless bunch How fortunate we are, as punters, that Patrick Nixon (Letters, November 28) and his members at the Association of British Bookmakers continue to ply their trade through sheer altruism when they could be making fortunes on the exchanges, betting to a 100 per cent book and paying commission on top.
THE trade in illegal drugs is a cynical business which is ruining the lives of millions while making fortunes for others.