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Lagniel, which is based in Douvres-IaDelivrande in Normandy, is making inroads in the United States, according to the French Technology Press Office (FTPO) in Chicago.
Although much of the attention has been focused on consumer products, hardsoft applications are also making inroads in automotive interiors, lens gaskets, and air ducts.
If we can make inroads in hypertension, we'll be making inroads for a whole sphere of very serious diseases," he says.
Indeed, the company is making inroads in developing a broader product menu, but presently the company's asset-servicing operations are still responsible -- directly and indirectly -- for over 70% of the firm's revenues.
The highly danceable music, which resembles an electronic offspring of polka, first grabbed hold in Puerto Rico before making inroads in major Latino markets in Miami, Los Angeles and New York.
Indeed, [contrary to] Ted Wells' proud assertion that he is making inroads in places where black attorneys were once not able to go, maybe there are places that black attorneys with any conscience and self-awareness should be ashamed of going.
The pair are also making inroads into the sport racing market, making custom-made racing shafts after they discovered a Web site for an American drive shaft shop that was manufacturing speed and custom axles, charging big bucks, "$250 (US) a shot," which piqued their interest.
most of the rest of the world) diesel is steadily making inroads.
Increased flexibility tempts both Dow and Exxon to envision making inroads against flexible PVC in markets such as medical films and tubing, and perhaps even meat wrap.
1) Smokey Quartz Rings: Smoky Quartz jewelry has recently been making inroads with dark harmonic looks and sophisticated chocolate colors.
Fresh-baked bread is making inroads in Santa Clarita with several new chain bakeries offering quick lunch fixes opening over the past year.