making intelligible

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Graif Peter, 2018, Being and Hearing: Making Intelligible Worlds in Deaf Kathmandu.
Making intelligible about the importance of India's Act East Policy, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan said, "India embark on the policy of look east for a long time.
Still, she succeeds in making intelligible the evolution of the legal framework put in place since the 1970s to guide the collection of intelligence, especially foreign intelligence.
Actually, the truth of the stipulation (geometrical principles and the principles of mechanics) is presupposed for making intelligible and testable empirical claims.
The text around which Fichte and Schelling positioned themselves was Kant's Third Critique (1790), with its distinction between 'determinative' and 'reflective' judgements, its discussion of the ideas of an intellectus archetypus, teleology and genius, and its introduction of aesthetic judgement as 'a way of making intelligible the relation between determinate nature and free human behavior' (p.
By examining the rational interconnections among emotions and evaluative judgments, the author shows both how judgments can shape our emotions, thereby shaping our values in a way that makes intelligible the possibility of invention, and how our emotions can simultaneously rationally constrain correct deliberation, thereby making intelligible the possibility of discovery.