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uk AUGUST 22 - 28: Guitars out, soulful expressions at the ready - it's the 50th anniversary of the Whitby Folk Week with seven days of storytelling, dancing and performances in venues across the town, and musicians making merry in Whitby's many pubs.
Meanwhile, the Jalalpur Bhattian police have smashed a prostitution den from Solangin Awan and have arrested five gay-girls including the owner of the den, Zaitoon Bibi and two youngmen while making merry.
We also have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off so there will be plenty of making merry, and the show is so busy I'll be sweating off the mince pies and chocolate.
MUZAFFARGARH -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif said that people of Punjab were faced with numerous problems due to floods but some political leaders were making merry in Islamabad.
Arab News Editor in Chief Mohammed Al-Harthi joins diplomats in making merry.
Roy Bonisteel once summed up his philosophy: "We are moulded into a materialist world where we do a lot of eating, drinking and making merry until we ask the basic questions 'Who am I?
55) on my radar all season and trust me, I'll be making merry tonight if Jonjo's chestnut lands the Grand National Trial at Haydock.
WITH the season of making merry upon us I would like to share a personal experience about the perils of drink-driving.
But in bad weather When the wind got up Vessels rocked violently from side to side Passengers started to panic For fear they would all be drowned And go for a trip On the great Mersey Ferries in the sky Oh whatever happened to the river cruises On the good old Royal Iris - Exciting occasions When patrons had good times Making merry On this famous old ferry Those days I fear Are long gone Never to return.
But Mama Always Put Vodka in the Sangria: Adventures in Eating, Drinking and Making Merry offers a blend of travelogue and culinary adventures from around the world as Reed journeys to Afghanistan to her native Mississippi Delta and back, savoring different foods and entertainment experiences from both home and abroad and sharing them with readers who enjoy armchair culinary journeys and a peppering of recipes throughout.
B- town party animals spotted making merry into the night at the housewarming party included Imran's superstar maternal uncle mir Khan and his film- maker- wife Kiran Rao.
In March, having won in court VZBV said that Facebook had to start behaving itself when it comes to European privacy protection and really ought not to have been making merry with its users' address books.