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I thought it would just be a bit of walking around making nice pictures but on the first rehearsal we were told to get the kneepads out and I thought, this is going to be spectacular.
Prime Minister Netanyahu returned the favor, appearing on the Meet the Press and insisting he did not want to get tied up in American domestic politicswhich, if you look at his actions last May, isn't actually true, meaning it was his way of making nice with the Obama administration.
Given she knows what she's talking about when it comes to property prices and making nice ornaments out of old tat, she's quite possibly the perfect woman - and great for TV.
a description of the wind whining "like an injured dog;" midnight descending "with the cold stealth of a nocturnal predator;" a woman being struck with a "fist like a sledgehammer making nice with the bridge of my nose;" a cop being told "I want you to drop everything" and then asking, on the next page, "This a priority?
Sent off an unconsidered 18-1 shot for his debut in a decent Newmarket maiden last October, he was noted as making nice headway into fourth.
BELATEDLY MAKING NICE (The New York Times, New York)
Blanco started, taking five shots on goal and twice making nice crossing passes.
Meanwhile, Granada Films apparently had a different goal with an ad in the Hollywood Reporter: making nice with Tracey Ullman.
Supposedly there has been a serious aspect to Blair Does America, something was muttered about environmental issues during his trip with Arnie, but it's not enough to block out the enduring images of our country's leader making nice with the celebrities and pressing the flesh.
The charge at the time was that Log Cabin was more interested in making nice with GOP muckety-mucks than advancing gay equality.
The water lilies erupt across the pond, making it difficult to maneuver the boat, and making nice alligator habitat.