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v. 1) to create something. 2) to sign a check, promissory note, bill of exchange or some other note which guarantees, promises or orders payment of money. (See: maker, check, promissory note, bill of exchange)

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TO MAKE. English law. To perform or execute; as to make his law, is to perform that law which a man had bound himself to do; that is, to clear himself of an action commenced against him, by his oath, and the oaths of his neighbors. Old Nat. Br. 161. To make default, is to fail to appear in proper time. To make oath, is to swear according to the form prescribed by law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Across England and Wales as a whole, there were 86,528 crimes of making off without paying in 2017/18.
COWLERSLEY | |Suspects scratched the whole length of the passenger side door of a Saab 9-3 parked in Cowlersley Lane at 11pm on July 27 before making off.
The robbers struck about 9pm on Thursday, making off in a gold Vauxhall Cavalier towards Sutton Way.
The float was later found on wasteland near Almond Close and the offender was seen making off towards Violet Close on foot.
A MAN wielding a meat cleaver threatened staff at a Chinese restaurant before making off with a sum of money.
| A suspected thief was witnessed on CCTV trying to open the door of a car parked on Thorpe Green Drive, on October 27 in the morning, then making off on foot.
A police spokesman said: "Thieves gained entry to the garage before making off with a scrambler and two mountain bikes.
She was walking when man snatched her black canvas shoulder bag causing her to drop her mobile, which he also stole before making off. The 6ft tall and thin man was wearing a black parka jacket with a furry hood.