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And financial institutions are making precise lending decisions in seconds rather than weeks, thanks to a wealth of online data on individuals and firms.
There is also an AF fine-tune function that supports auto fine-tuning, making precise focus adjustment for each lens easy.
The average distance between sensing stations is now greatly reduced, making precise lightning detection possible worldwide.
As a result, most macro photographers prefer to switch off the autofocus and rely instead on making precise adjustments manually.
Adoption of hormonal contraception for birth control is increased due to the community awareness in making precise decisions relating to reproductively and sexual health.
Making precise head shots on deer isn't quite as easy as it sounds.
A simple and effective technology for making precise changes to those genomic sequences, developed by harnessing a system that bacteria use to fight viral infections, has exploded into widespread use (see "Engineering the Perfect Baby," page 26).
Licensed Companies, by establishing REITs, are in a position to assist average investors in navigating the real estate market in Kuwait and help to develop the local real estate market by making precise market studies and appraisals.
2 When you think of Hornady, you think of the ammunition company making precise, accurate rounds, right?
We hope we can have a foothold in Kuwaiti handicraft market by making precise plans.
Osinski and his graduate students were in the field last summer collecting rock samples and making precise measurements.
NPL scientists, in collaboration with Cranfield University and the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC), used acoustic thermometry to make the measurement by building an acoustic resonator and making precise measurements of the speed of sound in argon gas.