making public

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He had embraced the Catholic religion, rather through complaisance than conviction or inclination; and many of the Abyssins who had done the same, waited only for an opportunity of making public profession of the ancient erroneous opinions, and of re-uniting themselves to the Church of Alexandria.
She called out, like a person making public proclamation, when I was in her room.
Lahore -- A petition has been filed in Supreme Court (SC) praying the court to issue orders for making public the report of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Model Town Incident.
Dattu, attorney general Mukul Rohatgi said that Germany has objected to making public names of the Indian account holders in LGT Bank, Liechtenstein.
US Ambassador in Sofia James Warlick has called for making public Bulgaria's energy deals with Russia.
It marked the first step in process of making public around two million secret documents on the 1989 stadium disaster, which claimed North Walian lives among its 96 victims.
Until now, the Commission had been making public only the number of corrupt officials.
Morphic is now making public that it is cooperating with, among others, Sony Ericsson, Casio, Toyota, Nissan, Ericsson Radio Systems, Ultra Cell, Shanghai Shenli, DICP, WHUT, Beijing Fuyan and Dong Feng Automobile.
Last November, the Department of Homeland Security began trying to remedy the situation by making public a two-page "Passenger Identity Verification Form.
A whistleblower who defied his bosses by making public a report about toxins found at a popular tourist attraction yesterday said he stood by his actions.
Research suggests that making public preschooling available to all children would be a cost-effective way to improve academic performance.
The Italian Presidency wants to step up the pace of making public services available on-line.