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Summary: New Delhi [India], May 15 (ANI): Businessman Robert Vadra, husband of Congress General Secretary in-charge for Uttar Pradesh (East) Priyanka Gandhi, on Wednesday hailed his wife for showering praises on Punjabi community by making reference to his roots.
That's why, there was a decision that the High Commissioner will do it as her own statement without making reference to the other delegations," said Mammadyarov.
These are designed to stop people falling victim to fraud, by making reference to the tax implications over accessing your pension before 55 and the danger of cold-callers.
His personal touch throughout the show, recognising the expense people had gone to attend and inviting a long-standing fan up on stage to sing to her, even making reference to us husbands being "dragged along" by our wives, made all present feel like he was performing just for them.
The court heard a fourth letter then arrived which spoke in "glowing terms" about Burley and making reference to the breakdown of the relationship between him and Ms Auld.
He berates other clubs as well as making reference to his Nazi cohorts.
Dear Sir, Neil Elkes' front page article of October 9 made reference to the cuts in expenditure of our present Central Library during the 1970s - making reference to "the dream of a marble facade being ditched in favour of the sad grey concrete panels which failed to stand the test of time".
He received a text yesterday from an Albion mate, making reference to his comments following his debut against Leicester in September when he called himself "a pub player", simply saying: "You've gone
The highlights ranged from the recent workers' comp legislation, to broker transparency--to which he referred twice, making reference to the British system and British Law which have now found there way here across the Atlantic.
Here he helps the reader by making reference to preceding discussion as appropriate.
Mugs are being sold by a student in Preston featuring Mr Weston making reference to his appalling war wounds.
Some have argued that Weld changed his position in order to be more competitive in New York's Republican gubernatorial primary, but Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, calls that strategy "just plain dumb." "If politicians have learned anything from the 2004 presidential race, it's that you cannot talk out of both sides of your mouth about marriage," he says, making reference to Democrat John Kerry's purported reputation as a flip-flopper.