making sense

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The title, Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism: History, Semiotics, and Transgression in the Indian Traditions, may mislead readers who expect an analytical examination of Buddhist Tantric practices and rituals gleaned or otherwise extrapolated from extant textual evidence.
Critique: Expertly written and impressively presented, "How to Read the Bible Without Losing Your Mind: A Truth-Seeker's Guide to Making Sense of Scripture" is an ideal instructional guide for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in studying the Bible and integrating that study into their lives.
Set in the heart of Tisno on Croatia's stunning Dalmatian coast, Stop Making Sense is all about the sunshine, the people, the music, and the escape.
Making sense of things can embrace finding something that is worth living for and discovering how things work.
Making Sense of the Weather and Climate an introduction to forecasts and predictions of weather events and climate change
Stop Making Sense guarantees you a stellar line-up of DJs and bands including Friendly Fires, The Very Best, Carl Craig and Optimo (to name but a few) playing music right across the dance music spectrum, from tropical beats to techno via latin, funk and disco.
Making Sense Of The Bible: A Study Of 10 Key Themes Traced Through The Scriptures by H.
Navigating the aisles of warehouse-size supermarkets and making sense of increasingly complicated nutrition labels can bewilder many a food shopper.
I am trying to see what they are making sense of as well as disturb their thinking or facilitate them in taking another step.
Recent investigations suggest that young ESL children are capable of making sense of written input while they are working on becoming fluent speakers of English (Fitzgerald & Noblit, 1999; Weber, 1996).