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We'll be making sure we collect recycling waste as quickly as possible once the holiday break is over, and that will include any backlog that's built up over Christmas week.
By completing and returning the form, Liverpool's voters will be making sure they will be able to have their say on what matters to them.
Have a great kicking game by making sure the specialists are the best they can be
lt; `It's not about playing the tune just to get applause -- it's about communicating, making sure people get it,'' Bluey said.
Under the guise of ICM, BMW engineers focus on making sure vehicle stability and safety systems work in concert with one another seamlessly.
Also, when we're working with projects that are large dollar values--if we were going to renovate the house, for example, or for services associated with the Awards--we're making sure that we open them up appropriately, so that people have opportunities to bid on them.
When 19,500 visitors attended opening day festivities to celebrate a four-year, $425 million renovation at New York City's Museum of Modern Art, Randall Mosby was busy behind the scenes making sure the vast new technology infrastructure was running smoothly.
The conference is about making sure that food is wholesome and disease-free and making sure that it is not contaminated," said David Nhari, chief analyst at Zimbabwe's food advisory board.
Before my ship deployed, I spent a good deal of time making sure I had a Catholic lay leader (and getting him trained and certified by the Roman Catholic chaplains and making sure he had access to a secure place to keep the hosts and obtain more when he needed them).
Making sure your children enjoy reading means making sure their eyes are regularly tested.
Making sure the risk manager has a scat at the table is step one.
I think the majority of Ohioans care very deeply about protecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, making sure that people who work hard get paid for what they've earned, making sure that kids have health care regardless of the kind of jobs their parents have, making sure that a citizen has equal access to good education to prepare them for the future.