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So, during the days running up to the sale, more of us can have the opportunity of making the acquaintance of, say, Hubert, possibly the finest Middle Kingdom faience hippopotamus in private hands.
Best buds Tony (Scott Stepp) and Danny (Derris Nile) are first seen making the acquaintance of gay dude Charley (Ryan Soteres) in a bar.
These are the rather unexceptional trials awaiting any inchoate self making the acquaintance of a basically indifferent world; one of the first, unforgettable lessons of maturity is that, far from redounding to your own needful child-self or your parents' "simple, dazzling love," the cosmic order of things proceeds with little concern for your well-being.
Certainly we will be making the acquaintance of some special people.
He is bringing the West End show to the region as part of a national tour and is looking forward to making the acquaintance again of talking porkers, shaggy dogs, dippy ducks and every other conceivable form of animal life.