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For a decade Luke has been wandering the Judean countryside, sometimes attending the sick but primarily making the acquaintance of the men and women who actually knew the Christos during his life.
But the best bit of the evening was making the acquaintance of somebody who is new to town, Countess Dea Sakalova.
She worked her way through college, making the acquaintance of Nat 'King' Cole, Johnny Mathis and Mickey Rooney, and even babysitting Shirley Jones' children.
If you see Part 2 you get the whole story, but if you can only see one part my advice would be to go for Part 1 - if only because it would be unthinkable to miss making the acquaintance of Vincent Crummles and his theatre company.
A new generation will be making the acquaintance of the irascible Mr Punch, his fierce wife Judy and policeman, crocodile and baby etc who suffer all manner of mutual assaults.
8 -- 9) University-style lectures, above, take place aboard ship, while port call may include making the acquaintance of a Mayan vendor in Antigua, Guatemala, left.