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He said that opposition was making useless efforts to escape the accountability but the government would not let anyone hinder the accountability process, adding that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was committed to eliminate corruption and hold those accountable who looted national exchequer.
He said the opposition did not have any productive issue to convey to the public and was making useless efforts to escape justice.
Speaking at the occasion Governor Punjab Ch M Sarwar made it clear that opposition does not possess any productive issues to convey to public, they are making useless efforts to escape the grip of justice but we will not let anyone hinder the accountability drive, we will deliver on our promise to end corruption and hold those accountable who looted our country.
Responding to a question, the advisor said that every citizen had the right to go court and they were not supposed to stop anyone and added that no point had been left for opposition to criticize new law as the government had accepted their suggestions with open heart and now they were making useless statements and were trying to play politics as there was no positive strategy behind it.
"Now they are making useless efforts to hide behind the institutions," he added.
He added that the local government minister should have taken some practical steps than making useless visits to different areas.
He asked the public to avoid making useless calls to the rescue services because it usually caused wastage of their precious time and kept the entire communication system engaged.
Cellphones play a vital role to the country and the society but unfortunately it is being misused in today's day and age by sending silly text messages, making useless calls and playing games all the time.
If we Baby Boomers have systematically cut down on the number of humans in this world, there is less income (from people with money to spend), more greed, and more politicians making useless laws that burden us older folks who can't afford more taxes and higher energy prices.
Accusing the BJP of making useless allegations on the Congress, he said that the opposition had no vital issues to talk about.
A huge portion of them are engaged in making useless ornaments, carriages, furniture and knickknacks for women.
He said that the people making useless noise had been rejected by teachers in the recent elections and they would face the same fate outside the university.