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Italy's Riccardo Petrella, a Professor at the University of Lugano called for the resource to be excluded from World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations on the liberalisation of services, and on the Word Bank to cease making water privatisation a condition for the granting of loans.
There is undoubtedly a cheaper way of making water available, such as using a filtered system with tap water.
A decade-long water project aims at making water and ice from Greenland a permanent industry.
Unfortunately, actually making water that cold without crystallizing it has remained just out of reach.
Two teams from the California Air National Guard at Point Mugu are making water drops over the Sequoia National Forest.
A spokeswoman for publisher BBC Worldwide said: ''Charlie's book has step-by-step plans for making water features in your garden, from ponds to fountains - things she's done in the shows.
Western Water service technicians engage in myriad tasks, including installing meters, making water and wastewater connections, repairing water and wastewater reticulation assets, maintaining recycling and purification equipment, and more.