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MALE. Of the masculine sex; of the sex that begets young; the sex opposed to the female. Vide Gender; Man; Sex; Worthiest of blood.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mal added: "I've been allowed to see her on Skype for a few minutes, but she now calls my husband's mother "mum".
-Introduccion.--El Mal o el drama de la libertad.--Del Mal radical a la banalidad del Mal.
Earlier, Managing Director of Pakistan Mr, Aon Abbas Pubbi along with Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly Sardar Babar Musa Khail inaugurated newly Pakistan Thalassemia Center at BMC hospital which was established under cooperation with Paksitan Bait-ul Mal.
IIUI Rector Dr Masoom Yasinzai held a meeting with Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) Managing Director Aon Abbas Bappi at the PBM headquarters and discussed the modalities of the agreement.
Through the appointment, Al Mal Capital will effectively manage MENA Admiral, the first ever MENA Hedge Fund launched back in 2006 by MENA Capital.
"The strong returns generated by the Al Mal Capital team in a flat market demonstrates that an unconstrained, bottom-up strategy focusing on alpha opportunities instead of the direction of the reference benchmark can create value for its clients," Naser Al Nabulsi, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Al Mal Capital, said in a statement.
Mike went on to become a top-flight footballer and Mal forged a career as a successful singer.
The antithrombotic activity of SCC, MAL, and SCC + MAL extracts was assessed in a rat extracorporeal shunt model as previously described [16], with a little modification.