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MALE. Of the masculine sex; of the sex that begets young; the sex opposed to the female. Vide Gender; Man; Sex; Worthiest of blood.

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About Mala and Mantra: Mala and Mantra's debut collection of fashionable mala bead bracelets and necklaces was unveiled in February 2014 and features a lineup of 36 products.
Many long-time residents are dying to see a solo dance-cum-song event organised for the talented Mala Mohan Kumar in Bahrain.
In Havana, as Mala quickly learned, "you can just stick your hand up in the road, jump in the car with someone and tell them where you want to go.
Mala Bakhtiyar earlier explained his party's complaints in a statement addressed to KDP Vice President Nechirvan Barzani, who was nominated by the PUK to lead the KRG as prime minister for the next two years in accordance with the agreement.
Drill Intercept Highlights for Mala Noche Footwall Zone (MNFWZ) Target From To Interval Copper Silver Lead Zinc Hole ID Area (m) (m) (m)(x) (%) (g/t) (%) (%) MN CG-10-U233 Footwall 304.
The MALA Easy Locator finds non-metallic utilities and performs surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.
On April 3 in Jany Mala village of Nariman rural Karasu district of Osh region, 9-years old girl fell in the river Ak-Buura.
WNPOC) to develop the Thar Jath and Mala fields on Block 5-A.
Mala (Wood) is a resourceful girl, who saves the life of pilot Jim Stanton (Wilson) when he crashes.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is not expecting much from his meeting with Greek Prime Minister Papandreou on the Greek side of the border at Mala Prespa on Friday.
However, after Ahmeti-Crvenkovski meeting in Mala Recica Gruevski now fears that he might lose power too soon.