mala fides

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Mala Fides

[Latin, Bad faith.]

A mala fide purchaser is one who buys property from another with the knowledge that it has been stolen. In contrast, a bona fide purchaser is one who does so with no knowledge that the seller lacks good title to the property.

See: bad faith

mala fides


MALA FIDES. Bad faith. It is opposed to bona fides, good faith.

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The Chief Justice observed that 'quo-warranto' remedy should not be allowed to be a tool in the hands of the relators, who approach the court with mala fide intentions and either have their own personal grudges and scores to settle with the holder of the public office or are a proxy for someone else who has a similar object or motive.
The bench said it had taken into consideration four issues which are (1) violation of rules, (2) principles of natural justice, (3) Para 2(1)(a) of the 10th Schedule of the Constitution regarding disqualification of an MLA (when he voluntarily gives up his member of his party or if he votes or abstains from voting contrary to any direction issue by his party) and (4) mala fides.
ANKARA, Mar 3, 2010 (TUR) -- The Turkish prime minister defined on Wednesday associating Islam and Muslim with terrorism as mala fides.