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If our entrepreneur is correct, then she will be rewarded with profits and the structure of production will be adjusted to fit her new production plan until new maladjustments are discovered.
It was hypothesized that both types of aggression would be associated with bullying behavior and that emotional aggression would be exclusively associated with risk of victimization and psychological maladjustment (that is, depression, anxiety, and loneliness).
The high vulnerability of oil (petroleum)--imported developing countries to 'beyond control' external shocks like oil price hikes effected by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would cause untold hardships to them by exerting inflationary pressures which would lead to structural maladjustments tilting the economic balance and warrant gross revision of budgeted expenditures (plan and non-plan).
Human maladjustment is fostered by certain types of language rigidity.
In response to a concern about "broken homes," "matriarchy," and "social maladjustments," reformers promoted the concepts of "self-care" to improve family life and--despite the inherent contradictions--"self-support" to reduce dependence through wage work.
Most of the existing surveys (a number of which take the form of appendices to books whose authors attempted to place their own theories in context) tend in fact to reproduce and update the scheme used by Haberler in Prosperity and Depression, which distinguishes monetary theories, over-investment theories, under-consumption, changes in costs, maladjustments, psychological theories, and harvest theories.
This antirealist, darkly comic narrative spends little time portraying the socioeconomic causes of its characters' maladjustments.
The inept Officer Buck Tuddrussel and his virtually useless robot companion, the Larry 3000, show up circa today and grab an unhappy orphan named Otto - who just happens to be well-versed in historical matters - and bop around the ages to correct maladjustments that could affect, as they say in science-fiction yarns, the fabric of time itself.
Lee Steiner, for example, strongly urged NIMH to focus on "psychiatric disorders" rather than problems such as "unhappiness over maladjustments in work, the problems of love and courtship .
A growing parent education movement and the development of new theories regarding child development, often focusing on the relationship between the social and political turmoil of the day and emotional maladjustments, further identified teens as a separate age group in need of expert care.