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In all this is to be seen the basic design of our common maladjustment.
It was hypothesized that both types of aggression would be associated with bullying behavior and that emotional aggression would be exclusively associated with risk of victimization and psychological maladjustment (that is, depression, anxiety, and loneliness).
Many people, however, do not need therapeutic challenges but do face stressors that lead to physical problems and emotional conflicts--probably based more on situational events than on any intrapsychic conflicts or maladjustments.
leading to countless maladjustments, distortions, and stagnations.
In response to a concern about "broken homes," "matriarchy," and "social maladjustments," reformers promoted the concepts of "self-care" to improve family life and--despite the inherent contradictions--"self-support" to reduce dependence through wage work.
They bring some of these maladjustments to the college setting.
This antirealist, darkly comic narrative spends little time portraying the socioeconomic causes of its characters' maladjustments.
The inept Officer Buck Tuddrussel and his virtually useless robot companion, the Larry 3000, show up circa today and grab an unhappy orphan named Otto - who just happens to be well-versed in historical matters - and bop around the ages to correct maladjustments that could affect, as they say in science-fiction yarns, the fabric of time itself.