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EDUCATION officials have been found guilty of maladministration after conducting a "flawed" school admission appeal.
In a report yesterday, the PASC called on the government to accept "without delay" MsAbraham's findings of maladministration by the former Department for Trade and Industry, the Government Actuary's Department and the Financial Services Authority.
In total, the report identified 10 instances of maladministration by public authorities.
The panel upheld claims of maladministration of drugs and the allegation that Mrs Roberts had told Nurse Quash: "You have to remember that when you are in another person's country you have to humble yourself", but found no evidence to support the other charges.
In 1985 the LGO reported 10 times more on maladministration against local authorities than they do now.
The European Ombudsman finds no maladministration on the part of the Commission but he does not make a statement on the violation of SYSTRAN's intellectual property rights.
Mohtasib had authority to review matters of maladministration of SNGPL and DISCOs.
Abdur Rauf Chaudhry briefed the President about Federal Tax Ombudsman, its establishment, charter and functions and the various initiatives being taken by the FTO for speedy disposal of complaints of tax maladministration and redressal of grievances of the aggrieved taxpayers.
In March, the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales agreed with a resident that the authority had failed to consult the resident appropriately before the 2011 Commonwealth Mountain and Ultra Distance Championships in Llandudno and that this was maladministration.
His arrest was sought in relation to an ongoing investigation of matters arising from Sir Robin Auld's 2008-09 Commission of Inquiry into alleged widespread government corruption and maladministration in the TCI, a British Overseas Territory, which led to the partial suspension of the constitution and the imposition of direct rule by Britain in 2009;
CARDIFF council has been found guilty of maladministration for failing to adequately consult residents over a controversial incinerator planned for the capital.
A LOCAL authority watchdog has found a district council guilty of maladministration.