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Anyone who watched "The Social Network" likely came away from the film about Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, thinking Zuckerberg, somewhat incongruously, is a socially maladroit misfit.
The Egyptian state has turned a deaf ear to all calls for reform and good governance for in the name of fighting terrorism, which it has nurtured with its maladroit policies.
General Leslie's courage in openly recommending the abolition of the entire Army Groups of rear-echelon commands created by Hillier and in opposing Lawson's cancelling of the contract for new armored vehicles--an act of selfless bravery that went against the traditions and interests of his branch, the Artillery--more than compensate for one maladroit episode.
Many aviation safety experts and some government officials have said the Malaysian government's sometimes maladroit handling of the crisis, including miscommunication between its military and its civilian government and the seemingly poor grasp of detail, have magnified uncertainty and confusion about the plane's fate.
Whether the absence of such a SOFA reflects maladroit U.
Whether Quebec's Charter of Values is a maladroit move to deal with the province's religious diversity or a politically calculated coup, it nevertheless puts forward a central issue faced by today's pluralist societies: adapting its policies to a transformative social identity.
In retrospect, the Peevski appointment seems to have been a remarkably maladroit move by Oresharski and his government, which is backed by and includes members of Bulgariaas socialist and ethnic Muslim partiesathe BSP and DPS, respectivelyawith occasional support from the prickly far-right party aAttacka party.
Strasbourg a pleinement justifie son statut de favori de la finale du Championnat de France de Pro A, en ecrasant un Nanterre particulierement maladroit (89-55) mercredi soir, lors du premier match (au meilleur des cinq matches).
Out manoeuvred and out thought, we are maladroit and inept in our response to Pakistan.
Clair Nicholson was channelling Errol Flynn in the role of the Pirate King--it certainly made a hilarious comedic contrast with Giles Tompkins oafish, maladroit Police Sergeant.
Egypt's maladroit Muslim Brotherhood can learn something about leadership through consensus from their political cousins in Tunis.
Namazi's analysis mentioned that Health Minister Dastjerdi had rebuked the government "for its maladroit handling of the medical shortage crisis.