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Historique: Zinedine Zidane est devenu le premier entraineur a remporter trois Ligue des champions consecutivement, avec le Real Madrid qui a ereinte 3-1 Liverpool, penalise par la blessure de Salah et un gardien maladroit, samedi en finale a Kiev.
However, service was maladroit, and given that the owner was present throughout the luncheon period; puzzling.
(Carlos was so mechanically maladroit I'm amazed he figured out how to do it.) As for the why....
The minister has meanwhile underlined the keenness of the government of the Sudan to strengthen further the relations between eh two countries saying Khartoum looks forwards to the coming visit by President Salva Kiir Maladroit to the Sudan in the coming two days.
"We are constrained to state that the respondent-contemnor, in his own way, has treated this Court as a laboratory and has made a maladroit effort to play, possibly thinking that he can survive on the ventilators long as he can," the apex court further stated.
Noticing my maladroit attempt to hide my expression, he added in chaste, homely Urdu: "I had thought that this guy Rumi was some old man writing about the shared cultures of the subcontinent...Aap tau naujawan nikle (you turned out to be a youth)."
The young Frankenstein proves to be a magnetic busybody around the lab and a hopeless social maladroit out of it, obsessed with a desire to overcome death by infusing life into an inanimate body.
Enfant, Smain apprend, par un instituteur plutot maladroit, qu'il est un enfant adopte.
CLEMENT Daniel, 2014, L'Hote maladroit. La matiere du mythe.
He wants to turn this maladroit molehill into a "racial insult to all Africans and African-Caribbeans", adding words like "community facing issues of lack of engagement and disaffection...
Some analysts here blame both New Delhi and Washington, each distracted with other pressing issues, for what is widely viewed as maladroit bilateral diplomacy in recent years.
Anyone who watched "The Social Network" likely came away from the film about Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, thinking Zuckerberg, somewhat incongruously, is a socially maladroit misfit.