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To have been poetically inspired by, to have "heard," the tin cascade would have meant enacting the most painful social and perceptive error, an accusation of cultural maladroitness that Lockhart levels at Keats and his comrades through the inappropriate mixing of poetry and commercialized visual sensation.
But in any case, the Alexandria of the doctor's youth--the Alexandria that brings out the sighs and exclamation marks in writers--has gone, extinguished forever by the world war, the fervor of anti-multicultural Egyptian nationalism, and British and French maladroitness.
She was struggling to adapt, & her maladroitness touched me.
Few were convinced of the genuineness of his conversion and his perceived maladroitness clearly underlay his failure to attract more support.
Instead, the pattern of his life was descendant -- through paternal alienation, marital tyranny, paternal frigidity, martial pretension, political obtuseness, diplomatic maladroitness, and finally political inconsequence ...
On the other side, the Clintons have had a testy relationship with Washington journalists, and the maladroitness and evasiveness of the first lady and her staff have compounded their problems.