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BRAZIL, Rio Grande do Sul: Passa Sete, Malaise, 12/II/2010, [female] (CESC 31302/03); [female] (CESC 31914/04); Santa Cruz do Sul, Malaise, 11/XII/2009, [female] (CESC 29555/25); 05/III/2010, [female] (CESC 34751/16); 03/XI/2010, [female] (CESC 36333/8); [female] (CESC 36280/11); 19/XI/2010, 2[female] (CESC 37716/2); 26/XI/2010, [female] (CESC 38190/3); 10/XII/2010, [female] (CESC 38929/3); 24/XII/2010, [female] (CESC 39479/03).
One factor affecting these results may be the patchiness of bees in this restored prairie, along with the localized effective trapping area of the Malaise traps, which is suggested by the great variation in bee abundance and species richness among the individual traps.
In each block, five pan traps (one of each color: blue, red, green, yellow, and white) were randomly arranged under a terrestrial Malaise trap (MegaView Science Co., Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan), which was placed in perceived flight paths.
Unfortunately, no society is immune to this challenge and the malaise of corruption continues to haunt in our efforts towards ensuring equitable socio-economic development, establishing rule of law and provision of justice in societies.
"I am confident that the Indian media will itself take the initiative of fighting the malaise called paid news.
He covers cinematic time, cinematic consciousness, I and we and the American politics of adoption, the malaise of our educational institutions, making the difference, and technoscience and reproduction.
"I think there is a malaise around the game just now," he said.
General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson is hopeful the company's malaise won't be long-term.
Here's what you think should be done about this growing malaise in society...
Five thousand seventy two samples were collected with different techniques (Malaise, "pitfall", Winkler, sweeping net and other methods).
Murphy and Vernon said, "The uncertainty of our ongoing funding and the presence of yet another government review are part of a debilitating malaise." Murphy and Vernon, who were married last year, have not announced any future endeavors, except that they plan to be "creatively opportunistic."
A 53-year-old US serviceman was seen at our clinic on September 8, 2006; he reported a 2-day history of fever, malaise, and rash.