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Most conspicuous are informally named Malapert Massif (a 5-km-high crest along that crater's southwestern rim) and other isolated high points that are parts of the rim of the enormous farside basin called South Pole-Aitken.
(18.) Hirsinger E, Duprez D, Jouve C, Malapert P, Cooke J, Pourquie O.
LG Best Shop at Malapert is an exclusive outlet featuring wide range of LG Electronics.
Amidst the susurrus of a subtropical garden, fruit trees and a malapert display of flowering creepers in their gaudy finery, Avital Sheffer works from her spacious terracotta-and-blue clad studio, adjacent to her home.
The South Polar region of the Moon lies between the mean limb and the 75th parallel of south latitude, and includes a narrow strip of the averted hemisphere that shows at optimum libration; the south pole itself lies behind the formation Malapert a.
Those [few child characters] who do appear [in the plays of the Shakespeare canon] are both pert and malapert, disconcertingly solemn and prematurely adult: the Princes in the tower, whose uncle's exasperation with them may be shared to a degree by the audience; Macduff s and Coriolanus' sons, both pathetically martial copies of their fathers; Mamillius, whose proposal to tell a 'sad tale...for winter' reveals an intuitive comprehension of the problems of Sicilia and of his own impending doom.
Later, when Semele allows herself to mock Eumenides's own speech and quips that his 'speech beginneth to be so heavy' (13) that he had better go to sleep with Endymion, Cynthia grows displeased with their 'unseemly and malapert overthwarts' (16-17).
McNeill complained that Swinburne's "malapert muse" produced passages so "ticklish" as to arouse both indignation and mockery.