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By virtually naming names in this way, Dargan shed new light upon the ways in which male chauvinism was posing a threat to the revolutionary movement of her day.
To those who view hip-hop as mired in male chauvinism, this may seem an odd assertion, and one that is difficult for Pough to back it up since her claim is largely prospective.
Because the truth is honour killings have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with male chauvinism and a culture where Man is King and where women are dominated to the extent they exist only to cook and breed.
Ayckbourn has long been noted for mixing a dark strain with his comedy, but his portrait of Mal's unreconstructed male chauvinism, reinforced by his lad-dish son-in-law Dean, borders on the shocking.
Encouraged by Moholy-Nagy she joined the metal workshop, being the only woman there, and soon rose to prominence despite the male chauvinism of her colleagues, becoming acting director.
Moreover (and this is not male chauvinism asserting itself) the male physique, just as in sports, enables men to be quantitatively superior in sheer physical strength.
In the case of MEC, the complaint charges that the college's Male Development and Empowerment Center promoted "putrid and nonsensical racial rhetoric and male chauvinism.
More recently, lesbian feminists such as Janice Raymond in The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male (1979) have harshly condemned transsexualism as a dangerous product of the patriarchy: transsexual women were fakes trying to usurp female power, and male transsexuals were victims defecting to male chauvinism.
Her hidden camera footage reveals a culture of male chauvinism, she said, in which colleagues fail to believe rape allegations, watch porn films on night shifts and make sexist comments.
But the often comic play raises the curtain on male chauvinism as Farley reappears as a prostitute, begs "Twopence.
All of us should join against all oppressive agendas wherever they come from--whether it is the entertainment media, interpretations of sacred scriptures, legislation or male chauvinism.