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We observed that oysters were predominantly female at the beginning of the breeding season at the coldest water temperatures, whereas male gonad appeared increasingly in the accelerated and TWL regimes toward the end of the initial conditioning periods, when temperatures were warmer and oysters may have already spawned at least once.
Brown cells were found in all male and female gonads of oysters from Hsiangshan, and in all male gonads of oysters from Chiku (Table 4).
The pmDmrt2 gene was not expressed in the juvenile gonads, but was initially transcribed in the early male gonads and peaked in the mature male gonads.
Our observations of abnormal female and very small male gonads after in ovo o,p'-DDE exposure may be indicative of effects on early endocrine processes important for normal ovarian and testicular development.
Histopathological survey of male gonads of fish from petroleum production and control sites in the Gulf of Mexico.
The abalone were sexed based on gonad color: male gonads appear milky white and female gonads appear greenish brown (Fallu 1991 ).
By two months after hatching, the male gonads are completely differentiated into testes, and beyond this developmental point there is no evidence in salmonids that phenotypic sex can be altered further by exposure to estrogen.
The mean concentration of androgens of grossly normal male gonads without incubation with pregnenolone was 20.
Late active male gonads were characterized by less abundant connective tissue and expanding ascines containing spermatids and sperm.