male parentage

See: paternity
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Paragraph A of the law's sole article refers exclusively to the male parentage of potential Lebanese citizens.
These results are the first explicit demonstration that conflict over male parentage in insect societies is not just played out between the queen and workers, but shows that the conflict may also spill over from one generation of workers to the other," concluded Alves.
aes]) backcross pollination in the male parentage analysis.
For the subsample of 47 backcross seed for which jointed goatgrass (four seeds) versus wheat male parentage (43 seeds) could be established (Fig.
Inclusion of adult males in the male parentage analysis could result in error if males had come from another colony.
However, in studies of other species there was no relationship between male parentage and the parental care they provide, such as in Indigo Buntings (Westneat 1988), Yellow Warblers (Yezerinac et al.
The sexual-deception hypothesis proposes that queens control male parentage by hiding the sex of their offspring until it is too late for the workers to replace queen's males with their own eggs.