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4 Cadmium damages the male reproductive organs by causing testicular degeneration and seminiferous tubule damage.
A competitive and challenging speciality, urology deals with conditions of the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs.
Further studies should be conducted to determine the specific effects of cabergoline on male reproductive organs.
According to Maher access to web pages covering subjects such as male reproductive organs and the results of surveys conducted for the June 7 parliamentary election in Turkey were recently restricted without any court order.
Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the anthers (the male reproductive organs of flowers) to the stigmas (the female reproductive organs) to start the process of sexual reproduction.
Police questioned Accept-LGBT's head Costas Gavrielides, before officially charging him with displaying lewd content in public, and confiscated those exhibits that featured male reproductive organs as evidence.
The findings are supported by animal studies that have revealed chemicals can interfere with male development in young animals and lead to physical defects in male reproductive organs.
As discussed in earlier section of this article, the EDs possesses the highest ER[alpha] among the male reproductive organs (Hess et al.
2008), the findings are suspect in that the abnormally high prostate weight data show a poor relationship to other male reproductive organs (Morrissey et al.