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Erectile Dysfunction: the inability to have an erection of the penis, the male reproductive organ.
Stevioside "seems to affect the male reproductive organ system,' European scientists concluded last year.
Who really could listen to our tedious maths teacher rant on about simultaneous equations when Gaz had spent the first half of the lesson felt-tipping an anatomically correct male reproductive organ on his stomach; dangling/sucking cola cube spit as near to the floor as he could; or making a pretty convincing Chewbacca noise by grating his chair legs over the floor?
Gravity modulates traffic on the intracellular "highways" that ensure the growth and functionality of the male reproductive organ in plants, the pollen tube, they said.
Chiles, 40, added: "I've discovered that biking for long periods has an adverse effect on the male reproductive organ - it goes numb.
A number of environmental compounds including some drugs, tobacco, alcohol, pesticides, and heavy metals, have been shown to have estrogen-like effects, and they have been suggested as a common cause for these male reproductive organ abnormalities (3,5,9,10).
According to Maher access to web pages covering subjects such as male reproductive organs and the results of surveys conducted for the June 7 parliamentary election in Turkey were recently restricted without any court order.