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STERILITY. Barrenness; incapacity to produce a child. It is curable and incurable; when of the latter kind, at the time of the marriage, and arising from impotency, it is a good cause for dissolving a marriage. 1 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 254. See Impotency.

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Embolus damage does not necessarily result in male sterility and may provide some paternity advantage over subsequent males.
This source of male sterility was found in the French cultivar Jaune Paille de Vertus.
Some of the concerns about the cytoplasmic male sterility in the NORCAL seed and patent have historical foundations.
The plants' zygotes, or fertilized eggs, should then contain flp, along with a male sterility gene between the FRTs.
The only possible injury caused by exposure to DBCP is male sterility, and even that effect can occur only at very high levels of exposure over extended periods of time.
Due to the use of endosulfan in agriculture and the effects it can have on male sterility, the use of materials that prevent the side effects of this drug can be a way to solve this problem.
Scientists have known for almost 100 years that depriving an animal of dietary vitamin A causes male sterility.
Only half of the kernels in the corn varieties contained avidin because male sterility occurs in avidin-positive plants.
Examples of species where not all specimens produce orbicules are found only in the vast amount of literature on both genetic and cytoplasmic male sterility (see reviews by, inter alia, Edwardson, 1970; Laser & Lersten, 1972; Kaul, 1988).
In some patients, mucus builds up within the pancreas, intestines, or sperm ducts as well, leading to nutritional deficiencies or male sterility