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MALEFACTOR. He who bas been guilty of some crime; in another sense, one who has been convicted of having committed a crime.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Fortunately, tea maker survived a serious injury after the haft of the knife got broken at malefactor's second attempt and was taken to hospital for treatment.
Islamabad -- The Secretary Information PML-Q Senator Kamil Ali Agha has said that the court verdict in Asghar Khan case proved that PML-N is a malefactor and it does not accept any decision against its will.
And here's one more, to commemorate one malefactor who has actually been confined to a jail cell, albeit not due to the diligent grunt work of the police or the cunning of state or federal prosecutors but rather due to his own belated admission of guilt:
And, for good measure, the court added that a whetstone should be tied around the malefactor's neck on his way to the pillory.
The malefactor shot by Lopez, 36-year-old Kevin Neil Davis, died.
A breach is an error in a regular software program, through which a malefactor is able imperceptibly to penetrate a computer with malicious code.
The second is that the Trojan exploits a well-known breach in the Microsoft Word security system, allowing a malefactor to launch a malicious code, unknown to a user, immediately following the opening of an infected document.
Jonnes exonerates ethyl alcohol, that most ubiquitous of American intoxicants, as a social malefactor. Alcohol is not as "reinforcing" as other substances, she states, because it "can only be taken orally, a very inefficient way to reach the brain and induce a high." But in fact booze is an extraordinarily soluble and efficiently delivered drug, as anyone who has downed a martini or two before dinner can well attest.
Scientists now suspect that many cancers have their own stem cells, a long-lived malefactor that spawns cells that form the bulk of the tumor.
(Don't you think Princess Diana is kicking herself for missing a grand photographic scoop in which she'd have sat tearfully beside Jade while announcing she was her new best friend?) So deep is the British infatuation with Goody that Justice Minister Jack Straw overrode Tweed's tagged status and allowed him to spend the night with his bride, thus paving the way for every malefactor to plead similar indulgence.
A sea of people whose lives are damaged by these undetected criminals and a sea of people who cannot be compensated because their malefactor is driving without insurance.
After this, the Trojan malefactor is able to obtain the stolen 'wallets" and passwords to them from the FTP server, hooking them to his personal WebMoney program copy.