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But throughout the centuries the qualities of a good mother vanished partially, so that nowadays Mama-Pudurii is perceived as a malefic representation of an anthropophagus creature.
43) Along with newer ideas of malefic (if not necessarily demonic) witchcraft, which were imported into the country in the seventeenth century from England, the 'butter-witch' was a common feature of popular culture in rural Wales up until the nineteenth century.
In the western world the dragon most often occurs as the perfect expression of malefic and destructive capacity--the dragon of St.
Some folk seem to get a malefic pleasure from moaning about the weather, the price of this and that, but you often want to get in touch with a little more.
The characters in Lee's novel are admirable only because they duel against the nation's malefic history of pervasive structural violence against African Americans.
The global economic slowdown seems to have cast its malefic shadow on Andhra Pradesh's plans to develop regional airport linkages.
The magic reappears with the reference to the god Midas, but it is a malefic magic.
The rural atmosphere of Maine is frequently a hostile and savage place composed of forces indifferent to human welfare as well as an environment where malefic supernatural energies reside.
Yet a further malefic force lurks behind the surface challenge
It can be seen as an act of divine or malefic intervention.
In the latter case, the origin of the apparition is never ascertained, but the narrative implies that Vane is the malefic and invisible presence haunting Monmouth's stay in England.
In the new Asian cinema, the cell phone, the Internet, the car radio, television, and malefic modern architectures "infect" their users, invoking a super-modernity in which human beings are literally soft machines, some able to turn others into homicidal or suicidal sleepwalkers with the flick of a Bic.