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But throughout the centuries the qualities of a good mother vanished partially, so that nowadays Mama-Pudurii is perceived as a malefic representation of an anthropophagus creature.
As in other areas of Gaelic-speaking Britain, albeit to a greater degree, popular fear of malevolent fairies, along with the unintentional evil eye, stymied the development of malefic witchcraft belief.
A great deal of ritual attention is therefore devoted to protecting bridges and riverbanks from their malefic effects.
Consequently, the general public considered microorganisms malefic and therefore deemed it necessary to eradicate them.
Rarely would one read the Encyclopedia to learn, for example, a definition of "malefic generosity" and then decide to continue reading the prior entry, "magnet schools," or the subsequent headwords of "Man: A Course of Study," "Marginalization," and "Mastery Learning." For that reason, the Tyler Rationale, to the dismay of some, has become a regular apparition throughout the two volumes along with other names and terms.
The "evil eye", or "llygad drwg" or "llygad mall" (as it can be named in Welsh), is a prehistoric belief in the existence of a malefic power in the glance of some people.
The "evil eye" or "llygad drwg" or "llygad mall" (as it can be named in Welsh) is a prehistoric belief in the existence of a malefic power in the glance of some people.
As becomes increasingly evident, O'Connor extends the standard Augustinian reading of evil as privatio boni to its utmost extreme: She names the Devil as what Vladimir Lossky calls "angelic corporeality that can even make itself visible" O'Connor agrees with Lossky that "the malefic attitude of an angel remains personal: here evil is in some way individualized.
Despite acknowledging that malefic groups have co-opted the emblem, its defenders maintain that to them it remains an innocuous symbol of heritage.").
If so, it was the factory in Chaplin's Modern Times, its machinery animated by a malefic intelligence out to get downtrodden Charlie, who dodges, weaves and tries not to get swallowed up.
"Malefic" is a remastered edition of Luis Royo's gothic and fantasy artwork.
Using witchcraft pamphlets, Millar reassesses the literary and pictorial descriptions of witches and their familiars, and in so doing contests previous scholarly views of English witchcraft as being only malefic and therefore different to their portrayals on the Contentinent as diabolical.