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Given that nonmaleficence is the guiding ethical principle for health care professionals (with "first do no harm" codified in the Hippocratic Oath), accusations of abortion providers' medical maleficence represent attacks on their professional identities.
While this may not appear to represent a moral question, the nurse is obligated to avoid maleficence (in this case, hypotension), advocate for the patient, and promote positive outcomes.
The decades of CIA incompetence and maleficence should not be forgiven.
Waiting for such an event to galvanize and clarify how Washington sees the world seems the height of maleficence. Sound defense planning should preclude disasters and wars.
The patron is perceived to be much like a feudal landlord, kind when pleased, vengeful and sinister when vexed, and the fiesta spells the difference between benevolence and maleficence. There are numerous stories about calamities visiting a community, or a family, for not being generous enough with the fiesta or, horrors, not having the fiesta at all.
Some of them are said to partake in a clandestine maleficence known simply as "Crossfit."
Harming a client (i.e., maleficence) through publication, or through seeking permission to publish clinical material involving a client, is another ethical consideration.
The latter follow the logic of the novum with as much rigour as the former, they differ only in the maleficence that they attribute to the novum.
It then goes on to discuss each principle--respect for intellectual property, respect for privacy, fair representation, and non maleficence. Tips for presenting information about copyright to teachers are provided at the end of the paper.
Her responsibility to provide love and care for her three children (beneficence) may conflict with her desire to avoid doing harm to the fetus she is carrying (maleficence).