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MALE. Of the masculine sex; of the sex that begets young; the sex opposed to the female. Vide Gender; Man; Sex; Worthiest of blood.

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Major tries to give the positive conceptions of black maleness ascendance over the negative by giving the discourse both a superficial shallow level of meaning and another level on which one can see positive, humane qualities of black maleness - the levels of Calibanism and black tricksterism, respectively.
Peter Goodfellow, one of the British geneticists who first reported the discovery of this maleness gene (SN: 7/28/90, p.
We have had trouble with Jesus' maleness because the Christian "convention" of Jesus' becoming human in a male body has not seemed to "cover" women, has not seemed to fulfill the Athanasian adage that "what is not taken up is not redeemed.
They may not be perfect but, through them, we have some idea of what honorable maleness looks like.
It's about maleness and sexual repression leading to forms of fascism.
Things like Bill Jacobson's work--that takes on more of a psychological aspect about maleness and what it means to depict men through art.
Because whiteness and maleness and heterosexual preference were the primary qualifications of those who shaped and controlled collective social life, each straight white male was led to believe in the potential of his own future.
In effect, Balthasar is simply grounding the analogical arguments of Inter insigniores in a trinitarian ontology, whereby gender differentiation and the maleness of ordained ministry reflect what is intrinsic to a proper Christian anthropology.
Black liberation struggle must be re-visioned so that it is no longer equated with maleness.
This striking discrepancy in Gair's work may well be symptomatic of a particularly modern anxiety about the artifactuality or detachability of maleness.
The link between maleness and the power of reason was hence generally more tenuous than the ideology stipulated.