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What's more, Hopkins uttering "I shall grind your bones to dust and make two pastries of your shameful heads", was a line drenched in a dead-eyed malevolence worthy of Hannibal Lecter himself.
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01 Knuckle Ride took the malevolence running through their sound and cranked it up another few levels.
NNA - Free Patriotic Movement MP, Farid el-Khazen, said on Sunday that his bloc suspended its participation in the meetings of the government because of political malevolence exercised these days, especially in the matter of appointment of military officials.
Although it was intended to be, and there are light-hearted parts in it, the text, and Everyman Theatre's striking interpretation of it, brings a darkness and malevolence of the human spirit into the heart of the morality debate.
The characterizations challenge the reader to accept a seventeen-year-old American with brains and Internet access as subservient to a sadist whose proclaimed role model is Lucrezia Borgia; however, teens may identify with Vivian's spirit as she rips and shortens the required uniform skirt and deftly matches the malevolence of the reigning mean girl.
With his indefensible record of incompetence and malevolence, the Prime Minister may be in a flap trying to chicken out of TV scrutiny.
It was also found that both relationships were independent of beliefs about the malevolence or omnipotence of the voices.
Although warned about the evil of the place, Molly and Kip are unprepared for the malevolence they find within.
This time, however, the setting is a new toy store designed to entrap Samuel, his dog, Boswell, and the demons and policemen who accompanied Samuel to hell in the previous book of the trilogy, "Lost Things," and back to earth, saving it from the forces of the Great Malevolence.
Billy Bob Thornton's portrayal of Lorne Malvo is malevolence at its best, so if you've been lamenting the loss of casual Sunday violence since Nidge was locked up, now's your chance.
com blogger Geoffrey James offers practical approaches to cut through the froth, falsehood and malevolence that often seep into business interactions.