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Alonso Fernandez de Avellaneda was referring to it in the prologue of his Don Quijote when he described the Novelas malevolently as works that were "mas satiricas que ejemplares" (51).
This object remains in the mind of the masochistic pervert as an archaic superego that functions malevolently, producing terrifying overwhelming affects that the patient has to manage.
Glinting malevolently throughout the visual cacophony are metallic bullets, which act as sinister punctuation within the verbiage of forms.
More and more he thinks malevolently about the kingdom owed to him and he groans that the year has come to a standstill with the seasons delaying.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A Turkish-Iranian agreement to boost cooperation in the field of education could potentially pave the way for further Iranian penetration into the country's domestic affairs at a time when Iran is alleged to be malevolently exerting influence over Turkey's domestic policy issues, the BugE-n daily reported on Monday.
Certainly nobody at the track has acted malevolently or done anything to attempt to defraud anybody, but in trying to go about their work it is possible some mistakes may have been made.
Best of the group are Will Chase ("High Fidelity") as the malevolently evil music teacher/ drug addict; Jim Norton ("Finian's Rainbow") as the music hall's master of ceremonies; and especially Jessie Mueller ("On a Clear Day") as an out-of-place transplant from Ceylon with turquoise-shadowed eyes.
It now appears that this very limited provision is being mischievously and possibly malevolently exploited in a wider political battle.
A violent and seemingly unthinking anti-Semite, he growls angrily across the novel's pages hovering malevolently in the margins of the main protagonists and events.
The computers that take over because of their surplus logic, their excess rigor, their malevolently totalitarian and antihuman reason?
malevolently nicknamed Dumbo, his friendship with a mouse, and his big ears that invited more ridicule but that allowed him to fly.
If the offender, malevolently, does not go to the mayor for being registered and for executing the sanction, avoids the execution of the sanction after the beginning of the activity or fails to fulfil the duties incumbent upon him/her at the workplace, the court, upon the mayor's notification, of the police units or of the unit's management at which the offender was required to go and provide community service activities, may replace this sanction with the sanction of the fine.