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The diagnosis and management of vascular malformations is challenging due to lesion rarity, confusing nomenclature, and clinical symptom overlap in many cases (1, 2).
Meyer said, a number needed to harm analysis suggests that one must treat about 50 women in the first trimester with risperidone doses of 2 mg/ day or greater to find one additional case of major congenital malformation, compared with no antipsychotic use.
Cerebral cavernous malformation: new molecular and clinical insights.
Vascular malformations are present and fully formed at birth, and grow proportionately with the somatic growth of the child.
Giant non-traumatic arteriovenous malformation of the scalp.
New York: Babies born to women who used lithium therapy to treat bipolar disorder during their first-trimester of the pregnancy could be at an elevated risk of developing major congenital malformations such as heart defects, finds a study.
The vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation is a congenital vascular malformation comprising 30% of all pediatric vascular anomalies and 1% of all pediatric congenital anomalies.
Although the dizziness experienced by the patient could be explained by SCC dysfunction, it would be impossible to determine whether this dysfunction was due to the SCC malformation or any other lesion since no case that connected dizziness and SCC malformation has been reported to date.
Abernethy malformation was first described in 1793 in an autopsy of a 10-month-old female who died of unknown causes and of whom the portal vein bypassed the liver and directly drained into the inferior vena cava [2].
A fourchette fistula is a type of vestibular fistula that straddles the spectrum of malformation between perineal and vestibular.
In 2016, a Cochrane review of different antiepileptic drugs in pregnancy found that only with valproic acid could the risk of a malformation be clearly linked to the size of the dose (Cochrane Database Syst Rev.
Demographic, morphological, and clinical characteristics of 1289 patients with brain arteriovenous malformation. Stroke.