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The automatic regulation of 26 KV energy settings and exposure time of 16 seconds allowed greater viewing of the internal structures of seeds and distinction of the three seed groups: unfilled seeds (A), malformed seeds (B), and filled seeds (C), as shown in Figure 1.
and M.J.Y., malformed eggs were initially detected in infected dogs, suggesting that the passage of these eggs by dogs might be the result of an abnormal host-parasite relationship, host immunity, or both.
In the original application, the well-formed sample can pass the checksum verification, whereas the malformed sample fails to pass (see Figure 3(a)).
The positive Gal-3 immunoreactivity was detected in 35 (52%) of 67 malformed vein samples in the nonpingyangmycin group, while it was detected in three (10%) of the thirty negative control samples.
Fixed malformed SAV files allowing arbitrary files to be written into the game folder, reported by Vsevolod Saj.
Thus, a significant proportion of malformed babies were born to consanguineous parents.
Experiment results show that there is an abnormality of Z-Stack in dealing with a kind of malformed packets that don not contain the destination address.
In all cases where IAC was malformed, vestibulocochlear nerves were also malformed except for 1 case where IAC was dilated but nerves were visualized.
We construct test cases by replacing the vulnerable fields with malformed data and other fields with normal data.
Malformed Evie was born with a small malformed left ear and no ear canal due to a congenital condition known as microtia.
Washington, July 6 ( ANI ): Scientists have discovered a gene whose mutation results in malformed faces and skulls as well as mental retardation.