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Gal-3-positive staining was detected in 39 (58%) of 67 malformed vein samples in the nonpingyangmycin group and 22 (32%) of 69 samples in the pingyangmycin group.
It was observed that 154 mothers of 232 malformed live born (61.
The sample data is obtained from the first stage and historical data which leads to abnormality of routers, the reason for which is that previous malformed values is likely to trigger an old or new bug and multiple-dimension Fuzzing needs a variety of samples to ensure stable efficiency.
In sheep on mainland Europe the number of malformed new-borns is already decreasing.
TOUGH PICK off malformed, damaged and diseased fruits that are forming on apple trees.
Dummy use has been linked to glue ear and other infections, malformed teeth, and speech impairment.
An ugly, malformed snake-creature roams the Marley Woods, phantom riders have been spotted by moonlight, and when a strange, small boy is discovered in the ruined hunting-lodge deep within the forest, it prompts wonder and questions--could he truly be Bertram Longchapel, the child who had disappeared from the nearby town of Market Snailsby some thirty-five years ago?
The attack is known to be vulnerable in Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 through Vista and allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (persistent reboot) via a malformed .
Previously, Nicaragua had permitted abortion when three doctors certified that a woman's health was at risk or that the fetus was malformed.
Researchers have found more evidence that a virus may cause mad cow disease and a related brain disorder in humans, threatening to overturn 25 years of research focusing on malformed proteins called prions.
Fruit fly experiments over 90 years, with radiation 1,500 times the normal, only produced malformed or dead flies.
Through an agreement with the Neumann Institute for Computing in Juelich, Germany, Hansmann can use the institute's supercomputer to model the shape of malformed proteins.