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There is a significant difference between annual malfunction rate and the percentage of septic systems in malfunction status.
Specific identification of each period of such excess emissions, exceedances and excursions that occur during startups, shutdowns or malfunctions of the affected facility, including the nature and cause of any malfunction (if known), the corrective action taken or preventive measures adopted; and
Shooters will often attempt to correct a malfunction problem by "polishing the feed ramp.
Of the two, A Major Malfunction is thesuperior book.
According to the military, it was the first time pilots had to bail out because of a malfunction since the Israeli military began using this model -- the F16-I -- in 1998.
Dave Barak, the founder of Malfunction Films, said, "We put this program together after seeing other independent studios being formed to produce films with budgets of $10 to $20 million.
The veteran Bollywood actor is very upset after reading the comments on the malfunction, warning Twitter that if the problem not sorted out he might go elsewhere.
A wardrobe malfunction is generally used to propel the woman whose wardrobe has malfunctioned back into the limelight, a la Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl.
Somewhere en route to the tanker, Capt Thomson's oxygen regulator began to malfunction causing a gradual onset of hypoxia.
Annual malfunction rate is the number of annual malfunctioning septic systems divided by the total number of septic systems in the study area during a 12-month period.
The airline blamed that malfunction on a failure of the landing- gear control interface unit.
The recall was initiated following the receipt of a complaint of malfunction during clinical use that resulted in a death in Canada.