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In southern Luzon, voting was either suspended or stalled in several areas as VCMs malfunctioned.
1974) (no direct evidence of specific defect but circumstantial evidence of malfunction in use and five earlier incidents of malfunctions of the lock sufficient to support a jury finding that the locking mechanism malfunctioned in absence of other identifiable causes); Worsham v.
the other pressurization instrument malfunctioned, forcing the plane to descend from an altitude of 8,200 meters for an emergency landing.
Her parachutes malfunctioned and she fought to control her fall all the way to the final,instant oblivion.
A rotable part was repaired when it malfunctioned and, after repair, would be returned to the rotable parts pool.
A component on a bottling line at Molson Breweries' Montreal brewery malfunctioned during June and July, causing some bottles to be filled with an alkaline cleaning solution.
There were the deployments of a record number of satellites--three dependent on auxiliary rocket motors of a sort that malfunctioned in the past, plus a fourth inaugurating an entirely new type of NASA spacecraft--as well the first space test in President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, or "Star Wars,' program, and more.
The post crash investigation also revealed the GE CF-34-3B engines' oil pump malfunctioned and that other components of the engines suffered from extensive heat damage consistent with exposure to extreme high temperatures during operation, resulting in the rotor blades failing to rotate and suffering from the aforementioned core-lock, causing both engines to fail all restart efforts by the crew after numerous attempts to do so.
SAN FRANCISCO -- As more vote counting machines malfunctioned, some voters here refused to leave their shaded ballots with precinct poll officers who were supposed to feed them later to a replacement VCM, causing delays in the elections.
LANCASTER - A Palmdale man is in custody on suspicion of attempted murder after a robber tried to shoot a 7-Eleven clerk but his shotgun malfunctioned, deputies said.