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Kontra Daya lawyer Jonjon Montemayor said malfunctioning VCMs make the voting process vulnerable to fraud and tampering.
When a malfunctioning PD catheter is removed, there is frequently little evidence to show why the device failed.
The percentage of systems in malfunction status includes failed systems that have not been repaired as well as newly malfunctioning systems.
On the first trip, the technician temporarily replaces the malfunctioning original part with the taxpayer's part.
Local police departments of five jurisdiction were described as generally cooperative when asked to direct traffic at malfunctioning signals.
So ako po, after elections I will have to require Comelec, or call on Comelec to require Smartmatic to explain properly in detail why the high number of malfunctioning VCM's the type of disorder experienced, said Pimentel.
The culprit: too much nitrogen dioxide in the air due to a malfunctioning ice resurfacer.
After the malfunctioning train left, the passengers complained that it was difficult for them to catch the next trains, which were already jammed with riders.
Four patients who gained weight during the "diet" continued to have abnormal liver tests, and three still complained of symptoms linked to a malfunctioning liver, Palmer noted.