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This system is designed to analyze signs of malfunction at large-scale facilities, including factories and power plants, and to identify an unstable status before the facilities encounter a failure.
The PCOS malfunctions reported today were widespread and had a major effect on the conduct of the elections," he lamented.
After a bit more consideration, you realize that an expected malfunction rate of once every two years is not the same thing as a malfunction every two years starting after installation.
Patients should be advised to check their devices for function even after turning them off, and to contact their health care providers if they suspect a malfunction.
The definitions this paper lays out for annual malfunction rate and percentage of septic systems in malfunctioning status can be good matrices for communities attempting to benchmark their onsite-wastewater-management programs.
Malfunction of heating (boiler, burner) and water (condensation and boiler water loss) systems doesn't just waste fuel and water--can be responsible for unnecessary maintenance.
Number of Malfunctions by Commercial GEO Satellite Body Type (1995 to April 2002)
The malfunction prevented customers from withdrawing or depositing cash from around 8:45 a.
Malfunctions occur when typical local power events unexpectedly shut down the machine's controller, resulting in the machine spindle falling into the part due to gravity.
Engineers at the two carriers took remedial measures and alleviated the malfunctions which NTT West said sprang from problems at systems at some local telephone switching stations, they added.
9% to malfunctions in transferring data between computers.