malicious action

See: mischief
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At a time when we should strive for the civilization values that are embedded in the European Convention on Human Rights and which clearly condemn discrimination on any ground, this behavior of individuals that offend the dignity of others and glorify war criminals is an insolent, uncivilized and malicious action.
The Community Peace Document signed by the families affirms that no malicious action has been taken against anyone, cooperation with the security forces, respect for the rights of the neighborhood, and the identification of the entrances and exits of the villages under security supervision.
52) A district court in Florida also held that "a cause of action for the tort of malicious prosecution in Florida does not arise, mature or accrue until all of the essential elements of the tort have materialized, including favorable termination of the malicious action in favor of the victim.
Subconsciously we tend to interpret every threat as a hint of death, and our every resulting malicious action attempts to thwart that perceived threat.
Because the engines are looking for specific pieces of code which indicate a malicious action, it can lead to two possible limitations:
This component is responsible for taking countermeasures when a malicious action is detected.
In a condolence message on Sunday, the Governor has said that the malicious action of the culprits involved in the heinous crime has indeed shocked every patriotic citizen of our beloved motherland and was indeed beyond doubt a nefarious attempt to bring bad name to it.
This is a malicious action and statement," said governor Kuol.
The real moral agent in the torture of Afghan prisoners, the person most guilty of malicious action, is the Afghan torturer himself or his master, who are not Canadian.
However, this does not mean that this was the result of any sort of malicious action.
This was a mindless, cruel and malicious action of a sick human being,' he said.
The prevention of malicious action, or in cases where it is not prevented, the detection of such action and its perpetrators, and means of prosecution and compensation.