malicious action

See: mischief
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Mr Jackson said, ``E-security risks fall into two distinct categories: malicious action, such as theft and invasion of privacy; and accidental action, such as misdirected e-mail and power disruption.
Of these 1,709 incidents, 911 were due to malicious action (2 per cent down on 2000-01), with the majority being arson attacks on trains and missile damage to windows;
With regard to the recent price manipulation of our stock, we want to assure our loyal shareholders that we are taking the necessary steps to address this malicious action.
This is the exact reason we developed AVStripper," said Ositis, "to shield the network from human error and malicious action before any damage is done.
Because the engines are looking for specific pieces of code which indicate a malicious action, it can lead to two possible limitations:
This includes malicious action both inside and outside an organisation.
In a condolence message on Sunday, the Governor has said that the malicious action of the culprits involved in the heinous crime has indeed shocked every patriotic citizen of our beloved motherland and was indeed beyond doubt a nefarious attempt to bring bad name to it.
Schmidt, in his blog, did not speak of any attempt to reduce the risk of spying but rather of heading off threats to both sides such as "botnets," a collection of computers that can be used to swamp a web site with incoming traffic or other malicious action.
This is a malicious action and statement," said governor Kuol.
The real moral agent in the torture of Afghan prisoners, the person most guilty of malicious action, is the Afghan torturer himself or his master, who are not Canadian.
However, this does not mean that this was the result of any sort of malicious action.
This was a mindless, cruel and malicious action of a sick human being,' he said.