malicious gossip

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* Upper-level administrators should ensure that their agencies maintain a zero-tolerance policy that clearly prohibits unnecessary criticism and disparaging comments, as well as malicious gossip, rumors, and other disinformation.
It is, if my understanding is correct, it is both a civil and criminal offence in this country to spread malicious gossip which stains the character of others.
Threats and actual violence are replaced by the spreading of malicious gossip and refusing to let the bullied child join in friendship groups.
Mr Kolvin said South Wales Police had received allegations about the man's voyeurism in October last year but the victim dismissed it as malicious gossip because she enjoyed a good relationship with her neighbour.
It may be something sinful: drinking too much, bullying, malicious gossip. You may realize with a jolt that you are basically indifferent to God.
It found that gay men are likely to have higher levels of empathy than straight men but also revealed that sexual orientation had no bearing on indirect aggression, such as spreading malicious gossip.
More neighbors became involved and the original children's quarrel was forgotten in malicious gossip and arguments over respectability.
It is thought that United chief executive David Gill gave his backing to Friday's unprecedented move in an effort to halt what Ferguson described as the 'dangerous and malicious gossip' that both van Nistelrooy and Keane would be quitting at the end of the season.
Recent evidence suggests that Edward may have been the victim of malicious gossip (as Andrew Lumsden contends).
Do nothing and it fills with rumors and malicious gossip.
Having abandoned her own academic ambitions to raise her 2-year-old daughter, the rather idle and frustrated woman decides to believe some malicious gossip about her professor husband, Ben (Jake Weber), fooling around with a co-ed and has revenge sex with a lowlife house painter.
Behaviors that create a hostile work environment, such as rudeness, discourtesy, malicious gossip and shunning, are prohibited.