maliciously defame

See: libel
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Wolf stated, "Concierge Auctions, the nation's foremost luxury real estate auction firm, has been victimized by a disgruntled competitor, Grand Estates Auction Company and its CEO, Valaria Devine, who have conspired with unidentified third parties using fictitious names to interfere with Concierge's preferred provider relationship with Sotheby's International Realty Affiliates and to maliciously defame Concierge's good reputation through a pattern of false, malicious and malevolent illegal activity, fraudulent business practices and inappropriate business behavior.
A life that was becoming more educated, a life that was actively being a positive contributor to society, a life that has been regarded by Diverse as the catalyst for the "fortuitous find" of the "TSU 3," maliciously defames and damagingly misrepresents everyone involved in the tragic affair.