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The long-axis and the short-axis diameters were increased in malignantly altered LNs by FNAC.
In the case of the GSLs in malignantly transformed cells, the expression of gangliosides, sialic acid-containing GSLs, is enhanced.
Cadmium malignantly transforms normal human breast epithelial cells into a basal-like phenotype.
not hypocritical, sick, heretical or affected by malignantly inspired
And then one day, Malignantly, like ancient foes, We took those four .
These destructive ideas include contempt of religions, discrediting religions, provoking racial, communal, religious, ideological and regional commotion, spreading biased rumours, malignantly distorting facts, libelling, defamation, cursing, fabricating accusations as well as insults and satire, according to Dr Mohammed Murad Abdullah, head of the Decision Support Centre, an affiliate of the Dubai Police.
A solid, malignantly appearing lesion was identified in the body and tail of the pancreas, infiltrating the splenic hilum and transverse colon.
Never particularized as to personnel but clearly meaning us no good, shadowy entities like "globalists" and "the international Left" flit malignantly through essay after essay, like the Comintern trying out a casual-Fridays look.
Until recently, it was assumed that a tumour was composed of many equivalent cells that all multiply malignantly and can thus contribute towards tumour growth.
Leiomyosarcomas are thought to arise independently from leiomyomas and are, therefore, not malignantly transformed uterine fibroids.
Such are the joys of techno-cum-bureau crooks, a diseased species that first appeared after the Second World War and has continued to spread malignantly all over the aged continent.
These guilt-ridden memories have become "parasitic tissues" that rankle malignantly within him like the tumor that killed her.