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That, anyway," said Nikolay Levin, with an ironical smile, his eyes flashing malignantly, "has the charm of--what's one to call it?
Once they saw a coyote slide into the brush, and once Billy wished for a gun when a large wildcat stared at them malignantly and declined to run until routed by a clod of earth that burst about its ears like shrapnel.
I couldn't have believed it, sir' said Mrs Mann, holding up her hands, and looking malignantly at Dick.
Sawyer, stopping in the course of a long draught of beer, and looking malignantly out of the porter pot.
Censorship drives poisonous ideas to the fringes, where they are readily fertilised in the darkness, and grow malignantly to burst splenetically into our body democratic.
Once such unauthorized cells have been identified, NK cells shoot to kill, destroying virally or malignantly transformed cells, while leaving intact any normal, healthy cells that can prove their identity.
Long-term treatment with low concentrations of cadmium can malignantly transform breast cells in vitro, although the effect appears to be independent of estrogen receptor-[alpha] (Benbrahim-Tallaa et al.
Our self-righteous "Christian" culture, in an age ambiguously blessed with assembly lines, computers, robotics and "globalization" - all huge job-killing innovations that intrude malignantly on our antiquated Victorian values and sensibilities - has yet to apply a solution in an empirical, responsible or compassionate fashion.
Stop engaging in wrongdoing; stop speaking malignantly abroad about people who serve the best interests of our country and insulting the people with whom you pray in the same mosque.
Worse, they failed to hold to a promised cap on such incomes, creating a malignantly counterproductive sense of inequality.
The characters are shown as lovable, charmingly crooked rogues, but the targets of their con games are grotesquely and malignantly stereotyped Jews.
However, many insurers continue to either ignore the law, or, more malignantly, take advantage of the situation by paying patients and physicians even less money for needed mental health and addiction treatment than they did before Jan.