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EIAs have been unfairly maligned," Winer said, adding they are valuable for mature investors who need both downside protection and the possibility of growth.
Shunned and maligned by the author's mother (in spite of her ignorant prejudice we grow to care about this strong-willed Southern lady, and mourn her inevitable passing) he refuses to get miffed at his mother-in-law or at the seemingly endless parade of animals, large and small, adopted, injured, and recuperating, that fill his home--or if he does, we never hear about it.
A major new exhibition dedicated to the theme of urban phenomena and perceptions which have traditionally been ignored, repressed, or maligned.
There's even some romance for this unfairly maligned cop.
Live it up' seems to be my motto for a while," Robbins writes in a journal, "while the other Jerry stands aghast while being raped, destroyed, defiled, and maligned.
But Vietnam, a controversial war that divided the American public and Left some veterans feeling maligned, had largely been ignored by game makers.
We acknowledge with sadness and regret, and no little shame, the historic burden of persecution, which Jews have borne throughout western history; a burden all too often inflicted by Christians, who have maligned Jesus' own people in Jesus name.
Rising cybercrime and fear of cyberterrorism ensure that hackers remain a much maligned group.
Written by an established authority on Naval Aviation, this volume is an excellent account of the much maligned Douglas TBD, which saw an almost immediate demise as a combat aircraft.
Many inside the Beltway wield maligned statistics and anecdotal evidence to conclude there's at least a $ 10-billion annual revenue loss due to tax-avoidance schemes.
Certainly, the 70-year-old PRI is keen to renew its image among Mexicans living in the United States, where the party has been much maligned as a bunch of corrupt, electoral cheats.