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In front-page interviews, Kidder executives and former colleagues have maligned their 1993 employee of the year, portraying him as a loser and a loner.
The welding defendants have been unfairly maligned with these suits and should no longer have to spend time and resources defending against these baseless claims.
Responding to a question regarding continuous, intermittent display of picture of DG-ISI, alongwith public accusations of DG-ISI's involvement and litigations against the process, Gen Asim Bajwa said that ISI was globally maligned for 8 continuous hours.
The leadership of every country has been maligned by his notorious ideas.
The Simone Hotel (AR June 1993), for instance, is a humane and inventive approach to the maligned typology of the short stay hostel, providing accommodation for people who would otherwise be living rough on the streets.
Many fail to see how critically maligned buildings might get better with age, and on the short list of most endangered mid-'60s structures are Edward Durell Stone's Huntington Hartford Building and Paul Rudolph's Beekman Place triplex.
a winning model, to refute or refine the model and jointly evolve specific ways in which creativity can be supported or maligned.
He said the new Medicare program has been maligned by critics and said he believes that seniors are only now realizing the benefits.
It is also paradoxical that this project of Vaisman's, so maligned by pious censors who agree on its eccentricity in relation to their sense of the national narrative, is perhaps the first Venezuelan art to articulate so many intersections of this country's hybrid, "transcultural" culture.
After being misrepresented by this advertising agency which even falsely claimed to a newspaper that it didn't represent us (LINK), then billed excessively and didn't perform, Universal Express was maligned, and even regularly attacked by Mr.
Steele of the University of Washington in Seattle, turning "one of the most maligned drugs in human history [into] a milk of human kindness.
The water is part of the maligned Monterey Agreement, which has faced questions about its Environmental Impact Report and could yet be overturned, according to the league.