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Peter Wright, of the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association, said: 'There are already issues of kids setting up websites for bullying purposes, for maligning pupils and for maligning staff.
I have also come to recognize that maligning the beliefs of the vast majority of the human race is tantamount to judging one's own forebears as ignorant and unworthy of respect.
Desperate to recruit support for her presidential bid, ``Victoria had indeed compiled a set of `slips' detailing sexual behavior of various individuals in the suffrage movement who she felt maligning her.
O'Hara continued, "For the last 15 months UNITE HERE has conducted a corporate campaign against Angelica, maligning Angelica to our employees, customers, shareholders, and anyone else who would listen.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Peoples Party on Sunday wrote a letter to Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority to stop media for maligning the Bilawal House.
QUETTA -- Political, religious and nationalist parties of Balochistan have expressed solidarity with Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and have made it clear that they stand by the CJP in recent campaign of maligning him and the judiciary.
The malicious role of India and the Afghan government itself in maligning Pakistan's military and intelligence must not be overlooked," Musharraf wrote in a piece for CNN.