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Had Nawaz Sharif given attention to poverty eradication, he would not have got into trouble," he maintained and added that people of Pakistan believed in national institutions but Nawaz Sharif was busy maligning them.
23 ( ANI ): To avoid any untoward incident, Mumba ipolice on Saturday tightened security around Bollywood star Salman Khan's residence in the wake of him allegedly maligning the Scheduled Castes during a television show.
Rather than maligning my name, I urge PCB to offer the evidence and I challenge them to bring all the evidence in public.
I have also come to recognize that maligning the beliefs of the vast majority of the human race is tantamount to judging one's own forebears as ignorant and unworthy of respect.
Maligning a top man in the final selection process is not acceptable.
Given the magnitude of maligning the judiciary there can be no second opinion that the PML-N has emerged as a anti-democratic party on Pakistan's political landscape.
Why is he maligning the reputation of so many DOH officials in media?
PTI's believes that the SC is showing restraint in the case of Nawaz Sharif and he should be punished for maligning the judiciary and his contemptuous remarks against them.
Khan took to twitter and posted that, the Premier is maligning the name of his late father and children.
Government of India is hell-bent upon maligning the image of Hurriyet leadership and for the purpose the services of print and electronic media and other organizations have been hired.
Becoming a divorcee is almost like a license for anyone to just start maligning them, she said.